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We've talked about how important it is to recognize that everything around us has energy, which can be modified according to the way we use it.

The energy of the sun, water, earth and air is used to give functionality to different aspects of human life, likewise thoughts and emotions generate specific functions in the body.

If you feed, perform activities that give you joy and rest, you will have enough energy to perform during the day, however, despite doing this there are also situations and people who can steal your vital energy.

Some activities that are carried out with family, partner, friends or colleagues leave us really encouraged, happy and as if we had had a "recharge of batteries" on other occasions, going to a place, meeting or talking to someone leaves you fatal, tired, unmotivated, without even knowing why or how it has been able to change your mood so drastically.

The explanation lies in the way that humans interact with each other, when talking a natural process of energy exchange is generated, in this way we can transmit the energy we have to other people and also absorb their energy.

This process is normally done unconsciously through our senses, through them we receive and emit information that will then be processed in our brain and thus become energy to live, so when in contact with situations or people we feel vital or tired.

It is likely that you know a person who expresses himself negatively about what surrounds him, criticizes what he observes, complains about the situations he lives constantly or dedicates his time to talk about others, after being close to him you feel exhausted, dazed, confused, depressed and exhausted. This type of people can seem passive and reserved or very aggressive and even intimidating, the fact is that they steal your energy consciously or unconsciously, since in them there is low self-esteem and little security, so they attack everything outside for fear of recognizing themselves.

If you identify them instead of moving away try to talk to them, guide them to listen to their inner voice, whether they go to a specialist or through their intuition, the important thing is that they find the reason for that negativity that generates isolation from their being and those around them. On the contrary there are people who are the givers of energy, those human beings who are full of vitality, optimism and who overflow with joy and strength through their character and personality, being close to this type of people will come revitalizing effects, mood, enthusiasm, comfort, joy, motivation and tranquility.

Surround yourself with these personalities, since their electromagnetic fields help in the mood of those around them, one way to charge yourself with energy is to give and receive hugs, since it raises the production of oxytocic, the well-known "love hormone" that causes a dramatic decrease in the levels of cortisol, the hormone responsible for stress. Finally if you find yourself surrounded by people who steal your energy, remember that you can protect yourself, when you find yourself in a situation that you consider is taking away your life force, close your eyes and imagine that a circle of light around you, works as a mental protection, a shield that prevents others from penetrating with your energy field and in this way you will not absorb what is not for you.

In you lies the energy necessary to live in fullness, become aware of this in every situation you live. if you are interested in knowing about this or other topics we can keep in touch through FACEBOOK, TWITTER OR INSTAGRAM, find me as Krishna Camargo or on page

Thank you for sharing and connecting with me, within you lies the energy to live in fullness.

Living in Consciousness

🙏📿🙌🧘 ♂️♾🕉 🦋

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