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Live in Consciousness

is Recognize that

Within you lies the energy to live in fullness


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Krishna  Camargo

I remember as a child constantly observing the images that the planet shows us in its different moments and thanks to my parents I had from childhood a life attached to the spiritual path and the development of consciousness.


Studied  Naturopathic Medicine,  Homeopathy, Master of  Reiki and  Communication Sciences.

I practice Kriya Yoga as a personal discipline,  I give workshops and conferences on human self-knowledge and write  on physical, mental and spiritual balance.


In the search to open spaces to these themes, I am part of the Ser Infinito project and the Ser Infinito Festival.


These experiences have made me more aware of the great need that all human beings have to live in harmony, with happiness and focusing our energy and activities on goals that feed the spirit.  


So you who read keep dreaming, creating and achieving everything you want to be happy.

To live in harmony and with happiness we must carry out activities that provide us with intellectual and spiritual growth, these are workshops, conferences, retreats and personal sessions.  that I share. 
I invite you to participate or organize one in your city  from  the workshops,  conferences or retreats that I share, send your data, thanks for joining.

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Nicaragua 67

The Americas

Morelia, Mich  58270


Tel: +52 443 3145435


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Morelia, Michoacan



Tel: +52 443 581 5448


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© Krishna Camargo

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