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To live in harmony and with happiness we must carry out activities that provide us with intellectual and spiritual growth, these are the  lectures that I share. 
Recognize you

Become aware of the capabilities and abilities you have as a human being, use the tools of this conference to  live fully.

Live in fullness

Know the sphere of fullness, with which you will be able to keep your life in balance.

From fear to love

Know the origin of your fears and break the limitations of your life to live with love.

Are you alive!

Cherish your past, embrace  your present and project your future.

Release your stress 

Drive your energy to achieve a state of physical balance  and emotional.  

Cycle closure

Identify what stage you are in, release and  celebrate life in your present  and let go of the remorse  .


Live in Consciousness
is Recognize that
Within you lies the energy to live in fullness

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