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The letters convey the essence of life , these books will provide you with tools to recognize the inexhaustible source of knowledge that lies in you for your  evolution 
Krishna Camargo
Recognize you
be aware, live fully

Throughout life there are different experiences that are tracing the course of your path.

In this book you will find topics such as consciousness, essence, energy, self, love,  the laws of life and how to live in  balance, through practical exercises  you can  see the capacities and abilities that you possess as a human being and that  They will make you recognize the energy that lies within you.

Septenary Combinations in Homeopathy

Since Dr. Samuel Hahneman discovered homeopathy, research works in different lines have continued to overcome science.

In this book combinations of certain substances are exposed, creating formulas to generate the practice of homeopathy.  

The purpose of the Soul

We have experienced different experiences that have prompted us to confirm that we are the soul incarnated in a human body, for this reason, when we meet, we recognize each other with a mutual desire to serve and encourage people to awaken their consciousness and make their wishes come true. souls.

This book takes you to discover the stage you are in and thus find your purpose in life.

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Divine Explorer

We seek to find peace, joy and love in everything that surrounds us, when as an explorer you immerse yourself in the deep experience of meditation you manage to remember your true divine essence, in this text I give my feelings, aware that nothing is mine, that everything belongs to infinity.

I wish that in your spiritual quest, you find the peace, the continued joy of a divine explorer.


Un Viaje De Regreso al Interior

A la edad de 33 años Krishna Camargo Casanova vivió un viaje de autodescubrimiento con el objetivo de expandir sus conocimientos, 7 años después el autor emprende un nuevo recorrido a ese país místico, que genera un profundo aprendizaje en cada momento y recuerda lo importante que es valorar el presente, al cuerpo y a las personas que te rodean.

En este Viaje de Regreso al Interior, continua ese aprendizaje y comparte el recorrido que lo llevó a querer compartir de nueva cuenta esas vivencias en un documento que sirva de apoyo para crear consciencia en la sociedad y servir a casa AMANC.

Krishna Camargo
recognizing your being

What is my life mission? What gifts do I have to fulfill it? How was my past life? and how do I express my essence?

In this book we show you an effective method to find the answers to your doubts, to discover your essence and to know where your potential is.


Stress management

This book has been written to bring help to all the people who are going through moments  difficult.


Tea  will allow  reflect on the causes of stress and through relaxation, meditation and  exercises to balance this state  spirited  of the body on a physical, mental and spiritual level.


Reiki, Energy in your Hands

I have clear memories of listening to my mother talk about Reiki when I was 12 years old.   At the age of 19 I took my first Reiki workshop, the real magic began to happen after a few months, my eating habits, my way of entertainment and the people around me began to change.

I hope that what you find in this book is for your personal growth, remembering that everything that helps us grow in consciousness represents a great responsibility and humility in life.


Live in Consciousness

Being conscientious is becoming responsible for the decisions you make, not judging the environment and working on yourself to live experiences that drive you in the process of personal evolution.

Each topic covered in this book is with the goal of creating a fuller personal relationship with your surroundings.

Krishna Camargo
A journey inland
my life in india

We are never prepared for the arrival of new news, so it happened with me when I was presented with the opportunity to start a trip to a distant and mystical continent, with a different schedule, customs and a completely new and unknown culture for me.

In this book I share that experience of personal growth.

Magnetic dowsing

The purpose of this book  it is  to transmit  in one way  clear and precise Scientific-Spiritual knowledge of this millenary science and make it available to scientists,  medical professionals, students and people interested in the knowledge of the  pendulum.


The doors of Divine Wisdom are opened to all those who sincerely strive to know the mysteries of life in order to put them at the service of humanity.

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And that's how I got to you

There are multiple experiences that can be had when finding a true Guru.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the wonderful stories of the people who in their spiritual search found the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda.

May they inspire you to continue in your realization divide.


La Voz de Mis Pensamientos

Esta obra está diseñada con ejercicios sencillos y profundos para fortalecer tu espíritu, así lograr tus objetivos con mayor firmeza, recuerda que tus pensamientos le dan voz a tu vida y que a través de ellos puedes mejorar todos los aspectos físicos, mentales y emocionales.

Que esta guía te sirva para vivir en consciencia.

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