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Conscious Accompaniment
Creating awareness of the processes you experience is a wonderful opportunity to heal, let go and embrace each person or situation with love. This accompaniment system is designed so that you can achieve that personal goal and at your own pace create your new reality .
6 Keys to Create Your New You

There are 6 processes that you can begin to carry out in a disciplined way and thus achieve healthier habits, generate abundance , heal processes with the important people in your life, analyze your responsibility , learn to manage your energy and achieve a new version of yourself. I invite you to live this conscious accompaniment.

Learn to meditate

Meditation is a practice in which the individual trains the mind consciously and through different techniques can have a full experience of life, I invite you to live this conscious accompaniment through a simple and effective guide so that you can have a direct relationship with your being.

Energy Divorce

We are energy , we link with everything around us through waves and vibrations, the Energetic Divorce consists of detaching yourself, mentally and emotionally from people and situations where energy is deposited where the emotion is wearing off and they do not allow you to make a fuller life, you I invite you to live this conscious accompaniment.

Healing Your 7 Limitations

There are limitations that accumulate in the mind due to the experiences you experience, apathy, insecurity, hatred, fear, anxiety, guilt and depression are limitations so that you can live with greater awareness of the processes and in harmony with the environment, I invite you to live this conscious accompaniment and heal these circumstances.

Inner Journey of the Chakras

Learning to know the energy of the chakras is a way to heal physical processes  and emotionally consciously, I invite you through this accompaniment to obtain the tools to heal the process you are living .


Live in Consciousness
is Recognize that
Within you lies the energy to live in fullness

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