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We live in a time of great technological advances, which leads us to lose human contact and consequently the personal, for this reason, I consider it of the utmost importance to begin to improve the quality of our life and in this way maintain a healthy relationship with your body, your mind and emotions, which will lead you to improve your human relationships.

It is easy to start a path to improve your health, start with modifying some habits to enjoy a full life, such as correcting posture, varying your diet, cultivating the intellect or taking care of emotions will cause an improvement in chain.

Health is the investment that brings the greatest benefit, I share some points to improve your quality of life:

Take care of your body, the prevention and detection of any disease are the two basic pillars to maintain the state of health, learn with it to Eat healthy, I share these suggestions:

· Make 4 meals a day. Include more vegetables, fruits, cereals, legumes.

· Reduce fats, sugars.

· Decrease salt intake.

· Eat quietly and moderate portions.

· Include 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily throughout the day.

· Avoid processed foods

Exercise, the body pain of one of the most widespread and easiest to prevent discomforts, start by moving the body daily through walking, in buildings choose the stairs to go up and down, clean your house, perform gardening activities, think about any activity that involves moving and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle.

Protect your skin, for this I suggest the daily use of a solar projector, pay attention to sensitive areas and moisturize them, maintain a daily cleaning and bathe daily.

Good hydration, do not wait to be thirsting for water, drink between 2 and 3 liters of water a day, eat foods rich in water and avoid alcohol and sweetened drinks.

Rest, remember to sleep 8 hours a day and if possible, set aside 5 minutes to relax during the day.

Positive emotions, such as joy, enthusiasm, satisfaction or pride, are a necessary source of well-being and quality of life and project a more attractive image of ours, which favors that other positive people wish to approach you.

Love yourself very much, if you don't like any part of your anatomy, follow the tips above, sport, balanced diet, stress management and abandonment of bad habits. It is vitally important that you use the energy of your mind to see the positive in you and also resolve the internal conflicts you have, learning to forgive and letting go of your fears.

Do not see all this with the intention of maintaining a healthy physical appearance, it is for your health, which in principle will be physical, will lead you to a mental improvement and finally you will connect with your spirit, if you are interested in knowing about this or other topics we can keep in touch through FACEBOOK, TWITTER OR INSTAGRAM, find me as Krishna Camargo or on page

Thank you for sharing and connecting with me, within you lies the energy to live in fullness.

Living in Consciousness

🙏📿🙌🧘 ♂️♾🕉🦋

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