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Every day we face situations that cause a drastic change in our emotional state, which generates during the day circumstances that cause tension, worry, anger, despair, irritability, anguish and even sadness, all a symptom of poor stress management.

Let's make an analysis of our day, we regularly wake up to the sound of some alarm, which in many cases is not the one we like the most, when we hear this we always say a few more minutes! and those minutes become many and cause that when you open your eyes again, it is already late! so in a hurry we start our day, stress is already part of the activities we do and for the moment that we leave home we are in a hurry, which causes that regardless of whether you walk, drive or take public transport there will be tension and when you get to work, school or some activity your nervous system will be altered.

If we add to this that we do not have breakfast in a balanced way, our body begins an adventure of alertness and tension that unfortunately does not decrease but increases by not stopping and analyzing what we have been doing.

Night comes, time to return home and we talk about the problems we face during the day, what we stop doing and what we see as negative in our environment.

Hence the importance of having a daily space for introspection and for self-analysis in a conscious way, this will make everything we live more pleasant, we are in harmony with our family, co-workers, friends and everyone who is part of our activities.

We must be grateful for what we have and live, not only on special days such as birthdays, Christmas or New Year's Eve let's give thanks for health, family, work and material goods, every day let's do an exercise when we wake up and before sleeping of silence and internalization giving thanks for everything that is in our life.

In this way our days will have a new approach and we can live in fullness, we all have problems or worries, the secret is to know how to handle them and the key is to see those situations as opportunities, that is, take them as a way of learning and growth, the opportunity to change the way to solve an issue, to take another approach in the realization of a project or to appreciate more clearly what life gives me is giving.

In letters it sounds simple, putting it into practice is the objective and for this there are many tools that this space will provide you, physical and mental exercises, stress and emotion management therapies, alternative and traditional medicine, programming and mental affirmations and the most important thing is to become aware of ourselves and our environment.

Consciousness is the knowledge that the human being has of himself and his environment, when we direct our life in this way we perceive with greater clarity the natural processes and the laws that govern us, the coming and going of things, action and reaction, the duality that exists in the same situation and the energy that surrounds us.

Remember that your body is the vehicle that transports you in this life, take care of it and feed it on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level healthy for its proper functioning, living with conscience is living with your essence.

If you are interested in knowing about this or other topics we can keep in touch through FACEBOOK, TWITTER OR INSTAGRAM, find me as Krishna Camargo or on page

Gracias por compartir y conectar conmigo, dentro de ti radica la energía para vivir en plenitud.

Vivir en Consciencia

🙏📿🙌🧘‍♂️♾🕉 🦋

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