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We are surrounded by abundance in all aspects, nature through the elements shows us the greatness that exists on the planet and thus manifests itself in small towns and large cities, despite the natural exploitation and lack of consciousness of the human being, the earth continues to bear fruit.

In large cities there are very polluted areas, as well as extremely well-kept spaces, so the contrast for those who live begins to be something normal, and it is lived on a daily basis without focusing so much attention on these details.

Likewise the thoughts in each person are abundant, sometimes there is a greater amount of fear instead of security and tranquility and at other times instead of peace there is a euphoria that is little controllable.

From this perspective we live with abundance, today I invite you to reflect on what is abundant in your life analyzing the following aspects:

· The type of thoughts they are having during the day, you will be able to find out if they are abundant in fear or fears or on the other hand in security, success and love.

In your human relationships, ask yourself if you keep the people around you tied up? Do you have conversations that drive the growth of both? How many people around you care about you?

· Economically, what is your relationship with money? it is something negative, you want it excessively, you take care of it too much or even despise it. Economic abundance comes from the relationship you have with money, you do not crave it excessively, you do not pressure it to be with you, but you decide to have it in your life to be able to use it for the benefit of others.

· On a personal level, how much time do you spend nourishing your body, giving it exercise and rest? what you do to recognize your emotions, feelings and express them in the best way.

Personal abundance, just as in nature is something that exists, for this reason it only requires an effective approach to first manifest it in the mind and begin in a congruent way to think, speak and act and make it come into your life in all aspects.

By doing this personal process you will be able to discover the source of abundance that exists in your life, positive or negative and from this perspective begin to improve your environment, generate thoughts that drive you to improve all the previous aspects.

Use these ideas wisely and if you are interested in this or other topics visit my social networks, you find me as KRISHNA CAMARGO, or on my page

Thank you for sharing and connecting with me, within you lies the energy to live in fullness.

Living in Consciousness

🙏📿🙌🧘 ♂️♾🕉 🦋

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